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Since 2009  L.Gary Wright and Associates, LLC. has served as a facilitator for board retreats, performed efficiency studies and assisted numerous financial institutions with evaluation of staff and management as required by one or more of the following regulators.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. 
  • The Atlanta  Region of the FDIC.
  • The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • The Florida Office of Financial Regulation.  
  • The Georgia Department of Banking and Finance.
  • The Alabama  State Banking Department.
The founding Principal served as President & CEO of a Florida Community Bank and Bank Holding Company for thirty years. The net return on average equity exceeded twelve percent (12%) annually for twenty five (25) years and assets were approaching a half billion dollars upon his retirement in 2007. 
The company regularly made the State and National High
Performing Bank list and maintained a good standing with
Federal and State Regulators.
Other noteworthy accomplishments include;  Florida's first bank to acquire a bank outside the state of Florida, (Georgia) installation of branch bank locations in multiple counties and two states and the development of a full service Insurance and Financial Services Company.
Wright served  in appointed positions with the American Bankers Association, The Independent Community
Bankers of America,  American Banks in Insurance Association  and was elected President of The Florida
Bankers Association.
He  received the FBA Distinguished Service Award in 1994
and was selected Florida Banker of the Year in 2002.
The situation is much improved but these are still  challenging times for financial institutions and their shareholders. Standards have been raised and rewards have been lowered.
In hind sight, most institutions were unprepared for the market cycle of 2007-2008 and beyond.  The likes of which have not been seen since the great depression.  Others had a management structure that simply was not up to the challenge.
Community Banking is a resilient business.  Lessons learned are lessons earned. Applying them is the issue.  The Survivors of today can be the Giants of tomorrow with proper management and leadership.
Along with  a select group of professional associates whom I have confidence in, we are able to bring fresh ideas and proved experience to today's financial management concerns. We welcome an opportunity to talk with you.
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